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Privacy fencing can provide your home or business the peaceful getaway from onlooking eyes. It also provides a safe sanctuary and fun play environment for your family, children and pets. It prevents unwanted visitors, and shuts down the "cut-through" of when people take advantage and use your yard is a walk path!

Privacy fencing can provide noise reduction, which can be very helpful especially if you're on a main thoroughfare or have noisy neighbors! It has been studied, that depending on the height of the privacy fence, it can knock 6 to 10 decibels off traffic and other ambient noise. If you live on or near a shore community, you can understand this! There are many benefits that a privacy fence can provide, that most oftentimes the decision is more about what type of privacy fence to have installed!

A fence that has been installed by Progressive Fence & Rail, can add to your home's overall appeal and can even add value to your home! Call us today for a FREE-Estimate! 609-449-8079