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When it comes to choosing a fencing option for your property, you've noticed by now that there are a number of options available to you. You may also be considering privacy fencing, but wondering if full privacy fencing is not quite right for your needs. Semi privacy fencing can provide you with several benefits.

Semi privacy fencing is a type of fence that fills the gap between picket fencing and full privacy fencing. Its height is the same as privacy fencing but the pickets are not as wide and has options such as lattice top for the extra fence design element. Semi privacy fence panels are also available with one and a half inch pickets. These are much further apart and provide a more significant amount of visibility, which makes semi privacy fence a great option for areas such as around pools or where you may want to block access but still want a view.

Semi Privacy Fencing is a great option for those who want to obscure the view but allow for air flow and light. Semi privacy fence also provides more security over a traditional picket fence or chain link fence, while giving your area the decorative look you may desire. Progressive Fence & Rail semi privacy fence is available in a selection of color options. White is the most popular - but if you're looking for a special color let us know!

Semi privacy fencing has been known to be called the "Great Neighbor" fence - as it provides the same beautiful fence view from both sides. Semi privacy fencing makes for a visual backdrop to just about any property, as it allows both light and air flow through. If you're looking for seclusion but not complete isolation, semi privacy fencing is an option to consider.

Semi privacy fencing is available in wood and vinyl and comes in different heights and fence design, our team of professionals can offer suggestions from your ideas to come up with the best semi privacy fence solution for your surroundings! Whether you're looking to purchase all the semi privacy fence materials and install yourself, or take the easy route and have our team of highly trained semi privacy fence installer professionals complete the job for you, the end result will be one you will be happy with for years to come.

Progressive Fence & Rail is the experts on wood semi privacy fencing. Whether you're purchasing the wood semi privacy fence materials and installing yourself or having our team of professional fence installers to complete your wood semi privacy fence installation. If installing your own semi privacy wood fence, we will guide you as to all the materials you'll need from the semi privacy wood fence panels, pressure treated posts and to the hardware for your wooden gate. If using our team of professional semi privacy wood fence installers to install your semi privacy wood fence, you can be assured that your wood fence will be installed in a timely fashion and done right! Our professional semi privacy wood fence installation services will keep you worry free as we can obtain all the permits and take care of the entire process. The hardest part for you will be selecting your new wood fence style!

Progressive Fence & Rail has a variety of semi privacy fence in wood or vinyl. We can also provide the quality installation service for your new fence. A fence that has been installed by Progressive Fence & Rail's team of professionals, can add to your home's overall appeal and can even add value to your home! Call us today for a FREE-Estimate! 609-449-8079