There’s nothing like having a beautiful new wooden fence on your property. Wood fence installation is a great home improvement project that can boost curb appeal for years to come. However, once fencing contractors have cleaned up their tools and left you admiring your new fence, your work isn’t over just yet. In order to ensure that your recent addition lasts as long as possible, it’s vital to practice good fence maintenance! Use these quick and easy tips to extend the life of your wood fence. 

Inspect It Regularly

Regular inspection of your wood fence will help keep it standing strong. Every new season or every few months, take a short walk around your yard, looking at both sides of your fence. Be on the lookout for:

  • Mildew or mold spores
  • Peeling, flaking, or shedding of staining or coating
  • Water damage of any kind
  • Damage to fence posts
  • Deep scratches or other indications of animal activity

Avoid Stressing the Fence

Trim back bushes, trees, and other plant life near or against the fence to prevent them from growing through the fence posts. This helps reduce stress on the fence.

It may be tempting to lean rakes, shovels, and gardening tools against your fence — but doing so can actually end up putting more unnecessary stress on the fence posts, especially in the winter. In freezing temperatures, these tools can end up freezing to the fence, causing structural damage to fencing materials.

Another way to avoid causing stress damage to your fence is to be mindful of the placement of your sprinkler systems. Pressure-treated wood can be especially sensitive to water, so always make sure your sprinklers aren’t getting the fence wet.

Keep It Clean

Keep your wooden fence clean. Every few years (we recommend every 2-3 years), carefully wipe away dirt, mold, and plant life on the fence using a stiff brush. (Mold can be removed with a 1-to-4 mixture of bleach to water in a spray bottle.) Then, use a pressure washer on a low setting to clear away the remaining dirt. Once you’re finished cleaning, coat the fence with a water-repellent, UV-resistant coating.

Note: Always be careful with wood and pressure washers. While our vinyl outdoor shower doors and fences can be cleaned on a high setting, wood should never be cleaned on a high setting since it can cause rotting or other water damage issues.

Regularly Apply a Wood Stain or Paint

After cleaning your fence and letting the coating dry for around a week, apply a high-quality wood stain or paint. Staining or painting your fence every three to five years keeps it looking beautiful. In order to prevent the wood from becoming dull or gray, choose a stain or paint that has UV-inhibiting qualities.

Make Necessary Repairs ASAP

As soon as you notice problems with your fence, call experts for fence repairs as soon as possible. If you found this article by searching for fence or shed installation near me, you’re in great hands since we’re PA and NJ’s premium fence repair experts as well as installation professionals!

Call Our Fence Experts Today!

While vinyl fencing and chain link fences are more low-maintenance than wood fences, we think you’ll agree that with a little bit of TLC, a wood fence is a worthwhile investment. If you take good care of your wooden fence, it’ll last 15 to 20 years and look beautiful the entire time. To get started with wood fence installation or to book repair work, contact the experts at Progressive Fence & Railing today! We’ll be there soon.

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There’s nothing better than a new wood fence. Keep yours in good shape for years to come using these simple wooden fence maintenance tips!

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