No matter what type of fence you utilize at your home or business, if it’s been exposed to the elements for long enough, it will end up succumbing to wear and tear. One of the most serious types of damage that fences sustain is water damage. Over time, exposure to excessive moisture can compromise both the structural integrity of your fence and its overall appearance. And whether you installed your fence for security or just to spruce up your property, nobody wants an ugly, useless fence.

Wondering if you might be dealing with water damage? Unfortunately, the signs of water damage don’t look the same for every type of fence. So how do you check to ensure your fence isn’t at risk? You get help from experts, of course! Consider this your all-in-one guide to checking for signs that your fence may have water damage.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are designed to prevent water damage (that’s why we build our outdoor shower enclosures from vinyl), but sometimes, things happen, and vinyl splits, cracks, or breaks. Here are a few possible red flags that your vinyl fence has fallen victim to water damage:

  • Mold or mildew growing along your fence posts and planks that does not disappear when treated with bleach solution
  • Structural weakness
  • Cracking or splitting in the vinyl (this can happen for a variety of reasons, including water damage)

Wooden Fences

Wood fencing is beautiful, but unfortunately, it can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew if it’s not installed correctly or if it’s neglected. Here’s what to look for when checking if your wooden fence has water damage:

  • “Softened” or rotting spots in the wood
  • Visible mold or mildew (if you notice mold, there’s likely more where you can’t see it)
  • Weakened support beams or “shaky” fence
  • A fence that has completely fallen over

Over time, water can completely ruin your fence, so if you notice these signs, take action quickly and call us for fence repair ASAP.

Aluminum or Chain-Link Fences

Metal fencing can stand up to pounding rain and gale-force winds, but unfortunately, it’s not as strong against water damage. Look out for these issues:

  • Rust on the fence posts or chain-link material
  • Rusty gates, hinges, or locking mechanisms
  • Brownish-red or red-orange “stains” on the metal 

If your metal fencing was installed correctly, you shouldn’t have a problem with rust — but if it wasn’t, rust can very well become a problem. If your fence is rusty, you should have our team repair your fence sooner rather than later because rust compromises the structural health of the metal, and it can be very difficult to get rid of by yourself.

Your Friends in Fence Repair

Do you have a water-damaged fence on your hands? Progressive Fence & Railing specializes in fence installations and fence repair. Did you find us searching for “shed installed near me?” It’s because we work on sheds, gazebos, shower enclosures, and outdoor playsets, too! No matter what you need done on your property, we’re here to help transform your dreams into a reality. Give us a call today to get started!

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