Do you need extra storage space outdoors? Are you searching for a place to entertain guests in your backyard? Or do you want your property to look more marketable, polished, and attractive? If you’ve had any of these desires recently or are itching for a change to your outdoor space, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Progressive Fence & Railing about our gazebo and shed installation services!

Why choose Progressive Fence & Railing for your home improvement services? The answer is simple. We’re a trusted name for New Jersey customers seeking gazebo and shed installation services, thanks to our prompt and friendly team, state-of-the-art materials, and superior craftsmanship. We also ensure that all of our gazebo and shed installers are trained in the latest and greatest innovative installation techniques, so you can be certain you can enjoy your new addition for many years to come if you buy sheds or gazebos from us!

New Jersey Areas We Serve

Our gazebo and shed installation services are available to homeowners throughout South Jersey, including but not limited to:

  • Atlantic County
  • Lower Ocean County
  • Cape May County

Ready to see what shed or gazebo installation can do for your home? Keep reading to learn more — we practically guarantee you’ll want to book service once you see all of the awesome perks and benefits these outdoor additions can bring you and your family in NJ!

Why Invest in Custom Sheds & Gazebos?

A well-built, customized shed or gazebo can be the crown jewel of your backyard. These versatile structures not only serve as aesthetic additions to your outdoor space but also offer practical solutions to various needs, from storage space to a sheltered area for your outdoor activities.

Understanding the Functionality of Custom Sheds

Custom sheds are more than just storage spaces. They can serve as workshops, gardening hubs, or even as a quiet retreat spot tucked away in your backyard. Aesthetically, a well-designed shed can complement your existing decks or patios, adding to the overall charm of your outdoor space.

The Charm of Custom Gazebos

When it comes to custom gazebos, we’re talking about a feature that can drastically enhance your backyard’s aesthetic appeal. Gazebos are ideal for entertaining guests, as they offer a sheltered outdoor space where you can enjoy the beauty of nature while being protected from the elements.

Our Expertise in Shed and Gazebo Installations

At Progressive Fence & Railing, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality, customized outdoor constructions. Our team of skilled professionals is experienced in designing and installing sheds and gazebos that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

Materials Matter: Quality Above All

We believe that the key to a durable and beautiful outdoor structure lies in the materials used. That’s why, from fences to gazebos, we use only the best quality materials to ensure a product that withstands the test of time and weather.

Customization at Its Best: Your Ideas, Our Craftsmanship

Every home and homeowner is unique. Thus, every shed and gazebo we install is custom-built according to your specifications. From size and design to the type of wood and color, we guide you through every step of the process to ensure the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

Safe and Secure Installations

Safety is our utmost priority. Our installations meet all local building codes and regulations, providing you with peace of mind that your new shed or gazebo is not only beautiful but also safe and secure.

Adding the Finishing Touches: Rails and More

A gazebo isn’t complete without a quality railing. Our railing options are designed to complement your gazebo, enhancing its aesthetic appeal while adding an extra layer of safety.

Benefits of a Shed

Some homeowners buy sheds to store files and equipment that won’t fit in the home office anymore. Others use them to keep sleds, bikes, skis, and other recreational gear nearby to make it easy to access when the time is right. No matter why you’re looking to schedule shed installation services, here are just a few of the many benefits a shed can offer for your home and garden alike!

  • Adds conveniently located extra storage to your property instantly
  • Increases property value most of the time if and when you’re looking to sell
  • Keeps backyard necessities within reach, like lawnmowers and garden tools
  • Can be locked tightly to keep personal items safe and secure
  • Larger sheds make a great additional hobby workshop space — woodworking, crafting, and painting are just a few of the many possibilities you can explore!
  • Frees up room in your house for new furniture, rearranging rooms, and other possibilities
  • Vehicle storage

Where Should a Shed Be Placed?

While you can place a shed anywhere you want, there are a few important factors to keep in mind while considering where’s optimal:

Purpose of the Shed

The purpose of your shed matters a lot when you’re choosing where it will go. If you want your shed to be a space for your garden accessories, it makes sense to locate the shed near where you do most of your gardening (and don’t forget you’ll probably want a water spigot nearby). If you plan to store your bike and biking gear in your shed, place it in a spot where you can easily take out and put away your items, as well as wheel your bike quickly out of the backyard.

Soil and Ground Conditions

Almost all backyards have somewhere a shed can be placed, but not all places in your backyard are equal. Check to make sure you’ll be locating your shed on level ground and not at the bottom of a hill or a long distance away from your property. Also, mind the soil type and conditions around and beneath where you plan to put the shed — you don’t want to deal with a mud puddle for a front doormat every time it rains!

Protection From Mother Nature

Placing your shed so that it’s fully exposed to the hot sun ages its paint and outer coating faster. While there are a few ways to keep paint from fading quickly, there is little you can do long-term against the sun’s rays, which will do a number on even the hardiest outdoor additions. Consider tucking your shed someplace with more shade. Also, give thought to weather conditions such as snow, rain, and even hurricanes and how they might affect your new shed. One of the perks of relying on professionals for shed installation services is that we’ve seen it all, and we’re ready to help you plan for every possible scenario!

What Type of Shed Is Best for Me?

Plastic/“Resin” Sheds

Plastic sheds, also called “resin” sheds, are lightweight, inexpensive, resistant to rot and mildew, and easy to relocate if the need arises. If an installation is done correctly, plastic sheds also do a great job of preventing water from leaking onto your belongings. Unfortunately, they are less resistant to damage due to their construction, and plastic is less customizable than other shed materials. This includes size, so homeowners who want to use their shed for hobbies or activities may not find what they’re looking for with a plastic shed. However, if having a low-maintenance, inexpensive shed is a priority for you, plastic might be your best bet.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds are what many people think of when they hear the word “shed.” Wood is still one of the most popular materials for sheds because wood sheds have a classic, attractive, and customizable appearance that can suit any property. They’re also hardy and last for years with the right upkeep. Custom wooden sheds tend to be pricier due to the customization process and the cost of lumber, which varies based on the supply chain. In addition, wooden sheds can be vulnerable to termites, mold, and other problems if they’re not cared for and maintained correctly.

Metal Sheds

If you’re storing something out of the reach of small children, pets, or prying eyes, metal might be the right shed material for you. Not only are metal sheds extremely difficult to break into, but they can also last for decades if routinely cared for. Unfortunately, metal is difficult to completely seal against water, meaning that your shed might experience some rusting if exposed to the elements for a long period of time.

Metal sheds are “middle of the road” when it comes to customization. Metal can be painted, and coatings like vinyl wrap can be applied to metal sheeting, but you will need to repaint or reapply the coating every few years to keep the custom exterior looking good. In addition, thinner metals such as aluminum can be vulnerable to dents, dings, and scratches that can cause the shed to look unsightly, so your metal shed might not be the best location to hang up that basketball net for the kids.

Benefits of a Gazebo

Gazebos offer their own unique benefits. While they’re like sheds in that they’re available in multiple materials and are installed in your backyard, they’re also very different. Sometimes, people initially planning shed installation services even end up deciding on a gazebo instead!

  • Creates a weather-proof social space in your yard to host cookouts, parties, and even outdoor concerts — the sky’s the limit
  • Adds charm and visual appeal to any yard
  • Contributes to your home decor and overall property aesthetic
  • Serves as a safe play space for children, especially when you’re keeping an eye on them from the house
  • Can be used to display and arrange outdoor furniture — while eliminating the need to worry about rain destroying pieces like cushioned lounges and wicker chairs
  • Increases property value significantly if and when you’re looking to sell
  • Frees up room in your house that you’re using to store outdoor furniture or entertain guests

Where Should a Gazebo Be Placed?

A gazebo and a shed have similar placement considerations. You should think about purpose, soil and ground conditions, and weather issues while locating your gazebo as well. However, you should also consider these factors:

Secret Storage

You can utilize lifting benches with hidden storage or outdoor furniture with cubbies or lifting tops to make your gazebo a storage space as well as one you use for entertainment. However, consider the placement of your gazebo and possibly move it closer to the house if you intend on using these tucked-away items and supplies often.


If your gazebo will be a place for your kids to play, take care to place it in your eyesight from a backyard window — and far away from busy roads, backyard dangers like poison ivy, or other possible problems.

How Does a Gazebo Compare to a Pergola?

A gazebo and a pergola are both outdoor structures that can make a beautiful addition to any property. However, gazebos and pergolas are not the same. A gazebo has a solid roof, while a pergola has a slatted roof that allows sunlight to shine through into the space. You can have a picnic in both a gazebo and a pergola, but your pergola picnic might leave you a little damp if storm clouds suddenly roll in.

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