Your house’s siding does more than just add visual appeal. It also contributes to keeping the building properly insulated, prevents bugs and pests from sneaking inside, and helps your home’s walls stand stronger for longer. That’s why if you’ve noticed cracks, holes, or missing pieces of siding, you should contact experienced local siding contractors ASAP.

Progressive Fence & Railing has been providing high-quality siding installation services to homes and businesses all over New Jersey for years, and we’ve developed a reputation for craftsmanship, knowledge, and dedication. No matter where you are in South Jersey, you can count on our siding installation services to make your home look like new again — and keep it protected against the elements for years to come! Learn more below about what our siding installers can do for you.

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Types of Siding to Choose From

Here are just a few materials some homeowners decide on for their siding:

Vinyl Wood Engineered Wood Metal Stucco Fiber Cement

What Type of Siding Is Right for My Home?

Here are a few factors to consider while looking for siding installation services:

Stylistic Elements

How do you want your siding to look? Flip through home design magazines — or go online to explore practically infinite possibilities. Materials such as wood and fiber cement offer a timeless, classic appearance for your siding. However, they are less customizable than vinyl siding, which can be made in almost any possible color combination. Another stylistic element to consider is the rest of the home. Are you trying to match industrial, modern windows and shutters? Metal siding might be a good match for you. 

Ease of Maintenance

Do you hate outdoor chores? Wood siding might not be the best option for your property. This kind of siding is beautiful but needs careful maintenance to resist mold and mildew. Some engineered woods are treated against mold and mildew, so they will not need as much care, but even engineered wood still needs to be routinely cleaned and maintained for optimal health. Vinyl siding can be power-washed, which makes the cleanup process easy, and metal siding that is rust-resistant is another low-maintenance option.


Metal, fiber cement, and stucco are the winners in the durability contest among these siding materials. If you don’t want to worry about replacing parts of your siding over the years, or you live in a part of NJ that’s constantly battered by hurricanes, you might want to invest in one of these materials to ensure that high winds don’t rip out your siding panels during severe weather emergencies. 

Weight and Size

If your home is older or you’re trying to work with a “fixer-upper,” understand that your siding choice may be limited by the weight and size of the siding your home can handle. Siding can be heavy to add to a house, especially metal, stucco, and cement fiberboard. Vinyl is the lightest option and can be cut to any size with relative ease compared to other materials, so it’s often the best choice for people trying to add minimal weight to their exterior walls.

What’s the Best Siding for Increasing Home Value?

We frequently find ourselves being asked, “What’s the best siding for increasing home value?” Unfortunately, we don’t have a straightforward answer to that question every time because it depends wildly on the location of the home, the condition of the siding, the aesthetic appeal of the property, and countless other factors that all have a hand in dictating final sale price.

Looking purely at statistics, your best bet to increase home value may be vinyl siding. Statistics show that new vinyl siding can increase value by 63% of the cost of the project — which is a pretty good deal if you ask us!

How Long Does Siding Last?

Your siding’s service lifespan depends somewhat on its materials — and if you’ve been doing routine maintenance as often as you should. In general, you can expect your home’s siding to last anywhere from 20 to 40 years, and sometimes even longer. That’s a pretty large range, so it’s important to regularly clean and inspect your siding to be sure it’s in good shape.

Our Other Popular New Jersey Home Improvement Projects

If you’re local to Lower Ocean County, Cape May County, or Atlantic County but don’t need siding installation services, we can still help you get the most out of every square inch of your property! These are just a few other projects we can help you with:

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