For various reasons, you may be considering fences to keep animals out of your yard. One of the most common ones people have is to protect their garden or backyard from wild critters. People invest time and energy to create a beautiful garden and a pristine yard and don’t want to see their hard work destroyed by a hungry creature.

Installing fencing is the only sure way to protect your property from encroaching animals. So your next question becomes — what are the best fences for keeping animals out of your yard?

Before picking the first design you see, you must understand your options when installing fencing to keep animals out. What type of fence do you need for your property? 

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What Are the Best Fences for Keeping Animals Out of Your Yard?

When it comes to the best fences for keeping animals out of your yard, there are many good options from which to choose. In some cases, consider the best fence based on the type of animal you want to keep out. 

Fence heights, mesh sizes, and the depth for burying the post depend on the species you want to keep away. However, if you have something delicious growing in your garden, they’ll try anything to eat it. Therefore, the health of your garden depends on choosing the correct type of fence to protect it.

What Is The Best Fence For Keeping Small Animals Out of Your Yard?

Smaller animals include dogs, rabbits, skunks, groundhogs, and moles that may try to get to your bountiful garden. These animals are likely to dig under a fence or go through it. 

A four or five-foot fence will work in most cases, but it also needs an apron of wire buried a few inches below the ground. This addition should be at least two feet wide to prevent animals from digging under the fence and into your flower bed. 

Cats, raccoons, and opossums can often climb over an installation of any size. The only foolproof option to keep these animals out is a complete enclosure. This type of fence should include a mesh roof and buried wire fences to prevent digging and protect your garden.

What Is The Best Fence For Keeping Large Animals Out of Your Yard?

New Jersey has a high population of deer, which are native to many areas throughout the state. Unfortunately, while they’re beautiful creatures to observe in nature, they can also wreak havoc on your garden and backyard if you let them. 

Deer can destroy vegetable gardens, shred grape vines, and tear apart flower beds in their quest for food. If a deer or another large animal threatens your property, the best fences for keeping animals out of your yard are high fences.

A tall fence should be at least six feet high, ideally over eight feet. Deer can jump over some high fences, so you want fencing to protect your property from their intrusions. 

Progressive Fence & Railing Can Protect Your Property

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