Investing in an awning for your property is just common sense. It boosts curb appeal and keeps your porch, deck, or patio cool on sunny days. 

There are many different types of porch, deck, and patio awnings to choose from — and as one of the top deck, awning, and fence companies in Cape May County, we’re here to install any of them! Consider this your quick guide to staying cool this summer under the blissful shade of a brand-new awning.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are exactly what the name suggests. Rather than being out all the time, these awnings can be opened and closed as needed to protect against sun or other weather conditions.

Hand-Crank Awnings

Hand-crank awnings are operated manually via a crank that you have to turn. While most hand-crank units are made from water-resistant cloth, they can be technically made from any material, provided it’s light enough to be controlled by a hand crank!

Motorized Awnings

If you’ve ever seen certain infomercials, you’ve likely seen at least one motorized awning being advertised. Known for their convenience and speed, these awnings can be controlled with a wall switch or remote control. The awning comes out with just a simple click to provide shade and shelter.

Temporary Awnings

Temporary awnings are a great choice for people renting their property or people who don’t have the budget to make large structural changes. However, they can be weak to rain, snow, and other more “extreme” weather conditions such as high winds. 

Porch Umbrellas

When you think of patio furniture, chances are you picture a porch umbrella there somewhere. They make great shady spots to have lunch or hang with the family, but unlike larger awnings, they don’t provide any protection for the rest of your home (such as your living room) as the sun beats down on your house all summer long.

Party or Canopy Tents

If you’re hosting a big BBQ, a party or canopy tent might be just what you need to keep your patio cool. These adaptable, easy-to-use shade solutions make great temporary shelter from the elements. However, they can be finicky, and strong winds can send that tent straight into the neighbor’s yard. That definitely puts a damper on the party!

Stationary Awnings

Stationary or “fixed” awnings stay in place year-round, rather than being taken out when needed, and are usually made of sturdier awning materials than fabric or plastic. For instance, metal awnings, wooden awnings, and pergolas are types of stationary awnings.

Wall-Mounted Awnings

Wall-mounted awnings attach to your home to provide shade. These structures are ideal for your patio. You can also mount door and window awnings to block sunlight and keep cool air inside. 

Free-Standing Awnings

Just like with wall-mounted awnings, the sky’s the limit when it comes to materials for free-standing awnings. They are traditionally used to cover decks, porches, and patios rather than doors and windows, although a free-standing awning can be placed anywhere on your property.

Stay Cool All Summer Long With Awning Installation in South Jersey

We want to make your summertime dreams come true. That means we’re always available to install any type of awnings you can imagine — or install something totally different, like an outdoor shower enclosure with a roof! Wondering where to find sheds near me with installation or fence repair service? We do it ALL, so reach out to our team today; you won’t be disappointed!

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